Top 5 Honeymoon Destination for Newly Married Couple

Honeymoon Destination

1. Phuket Tour for Honeymoon: (Thailand)

Hi, friends Welcome to Tour Today I will take you from Bangkok to Phuket which is a really amazing honeymoon destination, you will know where to stay in Phuket and where to turn to eat. And how to get to the destination then keep reading our episode today. From Bangkok, you can go to Phuket city in two ways, With a plane and a bus, today I will not go to Phuket on the plane, I will go on the bus because I have a million staggered bus to Phuket. To book a bus ticket from Phuket you must come to Bangkok Southen Bus Terminal. It is about an hour and a half taxi ride away from Bangkok city with a cost of about 200 berths. This bus will come to the terminal next to Seven Eleven. Tickets can be deducted when you go to the store.

So much for shopping, you pass it on the second block. When you get there, you get a ticket for Phuket. We buy the cost of the ticket as much as 900 berths. My bus will leave at 9 pm, the buses are very nice. If you want a seat you need to book an hour in advance. We took two locks on bus numbers 1 and 7, because when the bus arrives in the morning. Then I can enjoy the beautiful scenery all around. Good to say, if you go to Pattaya from Bangkok you will be gone in two hours. And you take the bus from Bangkok to Phuket for seven to eight hours.


You can be fresh by giving the bus a break at night after the bus runs overnight. We arrived in the city of Phuket in the morning, beautiful trees with beautiful hills all around, on both sides of the road. We arrive at the second terminal in Phuket and don’t have a ticket to return because the terminal is a short distance from the city. From the bus terminal, you can see the ticket counter, cut off the Bangkok ticket. We cut our cost by 587 berths. In our destination Patang Sea Beach area, their hotel is very popular on the beach, there you should not visit this Patong sea beach area, you can not enjoy the original beauty. Many misses will cost 300 to 500 rupees in Texas. Now we are going to Padang Sea Beach, our taxi is turned on. From the car I can see in front of the sea, we have come to the area of ​​Patong.

The hotel we booked before was a luxurious hotel. The hotel has many beautiful rating to the point Six more standard hotels, here for breakfast free. A little further from the hotel, Jung Ceylon, you will find all sorts of kitchens, bakeries, coffee. You will find the right and left many times. See As the bars get deeper into the night, the bars gather. There, too, many travelers enjoy a spree of pleasure at the bar. If you mean the bar there are many different types of drinks, if you wish you can gamble all night. One of the features here is Bangla Walking Spirits. There is such a Bengali walking spirit. Then I played Sharma Coke, walking on the famous Patong Sea Beach here with so much joy.

Patong Many people are enjoying the beauty of the beach, flying in parachutes with lots of fun in the sky. If you come this afternoon, you can enjoy even more beauty. You can see thousands of foreign tourists here in Padang City Beach, not all of them are running around for their own travel. You will actually find a hotel around Phuket, along the Bangla Route and find everything around you. Phuket will come Patong sea beach, do not bathe in the seawater, this is how it is. So I walked for a while in the water, developed my mind.

2. Bali Tour (Indonesia): Honeymoon Destination

As a honeymoon destination, Bali is one of the most important beauties of the world, a land of clear Lila, a place of attention and fascination for the traveler of the earth. So we all came straight to Indonesia airport without getting any other car, Blue Bud, we went to the Hotel Hoda store but the car was available at a very affordable price, so this car came. At the Suris Boutique Hotel, you will find all the amenities such as breakfast at Twenty Dollar and have fun swimming pools.

After that, I came to on foot with a look in front “FAMOUS KUTA SQUARE AREA” BEAUTY OF BALI IN INDONESIA: “KUTA SEA BEACH” Another image floats in our eyes, where in the first light, the fatigue of the mind’s past disappears into the windy banks of the Saunders. I selfie my phone to float in the joy of the mind. He is very fond of playing snake in the ocean.

At the “oceans 27 beach club & grill” next to “PANTAI Kuta sea beach” we ordered juice, coffee, all day after wandering around, there is a variety of food items here. Any what you want. One side of the hotel faces the sea and the other side is the Kuta square road. It costs us one hundred rupees an hour to spend time in this hotel. Fun guides for the sea breeze.

3. Padang Padang Beach (Bali Indonesia):

On the way from KUTA SEA BEACH to ULUWATU TEMPLE, PADANG PADANG SEA BEACH meets. If you do not visit this honeymoon destination yet you will miss the beauty of Bali. The next day, I rented a car and left hold day is available to rent in a car at sixteen rupees.

When the car gets up and looks at it, the grass in front of the car, the pendant and the flower hanging, I ask why the grass, the pendant has been placed in front of the car? However, I did not know whose majority of the people there were from the Hindu community. He answered me, that their worship is useful.

After some distance, PADANG PADANG SEA BEACH, after collecting tickets from the ticket counter on the side of the road, the main road that was cut down the hill, both of us left for the first time on the narrow road, this road is called a secret road. Traveling with great joy, some still feel a little afraid of the meaning. With more and more people having fun walking on the narrow road, a little further in front of the charming breeze of Padang’s blue water

4. Thailand Tour: Best Honeymoon Destination

Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world for traveling as a honeymoon destination. Thailand is the only country in Southeast Asia. Thailand’s King Bhumibol has the credit of ruling the longest state in the world. The word Thailand means free land. Previously Thailand was named Sam Country. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is a beautiful place to visit, where lovers of travel from all over the world visit every year.

The beauty of Bangkok: By name at my favorite family plane, to Bangkok’s airport, I can answer immigration questions, change my local boundary code at the airport, I bought two hundred Thai bath gypsies because I will be with the family for a week. If there is no internet, it would be very difficult for us to get to a hotel. After knowing where to be. I am a member of the Falley and Nah, a small baby, Noor. Our hotel is already booked via Kad, several area hotel name SUKHUMVIT SOI-8. Most honeymoon destination of Pattaya, The next morning, I left the car and left the earth. Pattaya is a land of extraordinary beauty.

5. Malaysia Tour: Honeymoon Destination

Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Malaysia gained independence on August 31, 1957. Malaysia was a British colony. Malaysia’s National Day is August 31st. The tenure of the king of Malaysia is five years. The king of Malaysia was elected by secret ballot of the sultans of the state. Putrajaya is the administrative capital of Malaysia. Malaysia is the official language of Malay. Former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamed has been in power for 22 years.

The highest building in Malaysia is the Petronas Twin Towers, the second-largest building in the world. Honeymoon Destination this place. Mahathir bin Mohammed resigned on October 31, 2003, in modern Malaysia. Mahathir’s thousand came to power in 1989. When Mahathir Mohamed was ousted from power, he was awarded the highest prize in Malaysia by Sherry Maharaja Manav Negara. Mahathir Mohamed was named the Tun after receiving Malaysia’s highest state title.

The Beauty of Malaysia: I will recommend you to choose Malaysia as your another honeymoon destination. Camping Iceland is a 1-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur, the cooling area of ​​lenses in the tea garden paradise that looks like Malaysia Long Island Darjeeling. It is also a cool area so friends have traveled places. Kuala Lumpur festival city, almost all kinds of people will find in this city. Of the cities I have visited, Kuala Lumpur is the most loved one. Because of Friends in their various travel options.

Now I will tell you about this where to stay in Malaysia, where to travel, where to travel and where to stay. For shopping, good because you can buy much cheaper here and there are many expensive brands and accessories available. If you want you can buy retail and wholesale and also. Food in Hotel at the Food Republic. The quality is much better than in other countries and is available at a cheaper price than in other countries.

After crossing the airport, I left EBL Sky Long on the second floor of the airport, here is Unlimited 27. Need to say, if you have an Eastern Bank BPL credit card you can enter yourself and a guest can stop you. You can wander anywhere in Kuala Lumpur Uber Capi. Booking Mustang is the most visited traveler in this place. We stayed at the Soleil Hotel. Since this is a very popular hotel, I will tell you about traveling to different places in Malaysia.

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